Alterations for Men and Women

The better a piece of clothing fits, the better it looks, the more confident you feel when you wear it.

Alterations for men and women

If some stitching has come undone on a much-loved garment, you’ve lost or gained a few pounds, or you want to revamp a new purchase, our alterations and fitting service is here to help you.

At our store, one of our style consultants or master tailors will be more than happy to discuss a garment with you, whether it’s a full suit, a pair of favorite pants or a designer jacket. During this chat, we’ll cover what you’re looking to change, a range of potential solutions and the estimated costs for our work.

Examples of Alterations Services Available to our clients


  • Pant Hemming
  • Taking in or letting out waist
  • Tapering of pant legs
  • Removal of pleats
  • Complete re-cutting of pants

  • Taking in or letting out chest/stomach area
  • Shortening jacket length
  • Shortening or lengthening sleeves
  • Slimming down or widening sleeves
  • Reshaping shoulders
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