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Our Mens Suits, Dress Shirts, and Other Offerings in Atlanta, GA


For our most discerning clients, we offer premium bespoke tailoring, and our reputation is based on our uncompromising level of workmanship and service.

The bespoke process is highly collaborative. It requires close interaction between tailor and client to select appropriate fabrics, decide on style, work through careful fittings, and—most importantly to develop new ways of seeing yourself.

By going bespoke, you embark on a journey to seek a better version of what you are. As you learn more by going through the bespoke process, your awareness of what is possible grows into something greater and more authentic.

We produce the finest business and casual wear backed by an experienced team of cutters, tailors, finishers and pressers.

Our personalized bespoke process ensures that the highest standards are maintained at every stage.

Each piece is carefully scrutinized by a master tailor to ensure the highest quality.

The end result that we seek to achieve is transformation to a more complete and authentic you.



Our made-to-measure products are unsurpassed in their precision and quality.

As part of the process, 24 exact measurements are taken to ensure the perfect fit.

Whether you are looking for a greater range of colors, patterns, or fabric qualities, or if you have a specific model in mind, or you appreciate certain options and details not found in most in stock garments, Hong Kong Tailors can create a garment for you to fit your needs.

Our Made-to-Measure process gives you the opportunity to be your own style maker. You can choose from a wide range of the world’s finest fabrics such as Scabal, Dormeuil, Zegna, and Holland and Sherry that have been specially selected by Neil.

With HKT’s expert guidance, your suit, sport coat and trousers are precisely crafted and customized to your individual fit and style specifications.

Impeccable workmanship and refined hand-tailoring HKT’s suits exceptional. Your garment is expertly constructed for a distinguished look suit that will serve you for years.

Like our bespoke service, all made-to-measure clothing is individually hand cut, expertly tailored and hand finished.



Regardless of your profession or personal style, you can get a perfectly made shirt fit just to you.

Your shirt is precisely cut to your personal measurements and a custom pattern in made to compliment your natural physique. The result is a shirt that fits just right.

With hundreds of fabrics to choose from: solid, patterned, and casual options in high quality Egyptian or Sea Island cotton, Irish linen, and luxurious silk we have something for you.

Personalize your shirt with a variety of collars, cuffs, buttons, plackets, and pockets to choose from to create a shirt for any occasion. For instance, accent your collar and sleeve cuffs by contrasting with unique prints or vibrant shades.

At HKT, we’re proud of our custom shirt program and we know you’ll be just as proud to wear yours.



We have a high quality selection of Italian off-the-rack suits, jackets, and pants.



Our tailors are on-site and working every day.

We offer quick and quality alterations at an affordable cost.

From simply hemming a pair of your favorite trousers or refitting a designer jacket, we get every alteration right.



HKT stocks the full range of accessories to complete your look or add that extra touch to your wardrobe.

Throughout, you receive one-on-one personal consultations with the master tailor so that all the right adjustments are made to achieve the perfect fit.



Our style consulting includes professional advice appropriate for your way of life, personal style and your budget so that you achieve the look you need and want.

At HKT we believe there is a ‘right’ style for every man, one that is unique to the individual himself. Our job to understand your lifestyle, personality, career and physical attributes. Then, we work with you to create tailored style solutions.