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New Moniker Ushers in Era Growth for the Atlanta Company

ATLANTA - Hong Kong Tailors, Atlanta’s highly regarded bespoke suit maker and expert tailor, has announced a rebranding to the updated name HKT Custom Clothiers.  The new moniker is part of a deliberate rebranding campaign and phase of growth that will now better describe the expert services and product focus of the company, while still paying homage to its roots and current customer base.

HKT Custom Clothiers has provided the highest quality bespoke clothing and alteration services to the greater Atlanta area for over 40 years.  Proud to deliver the best possible customer service, HKT Custom Clothiers gives customers a unique experience in store while educating them on men’s fashion.  The store, which has expanded in recent years to a include a habdashery with products including ties, pocket squares, sunglasses, and other unique accessories, helps men to define and perfect their style.  The new branding will acknowledge the maturity of the company and its expanded markets both nationally and internationally.

In addition, the retail store, located on Buford Highway, will receive a full renovation, inside and out, to be completed by July 2016.  The new modern look will improve customer experience by providing an upscale, yet comfortable retreat to shop in, while also making more space for staff to faster complete services.     

With these new changes, HKT Custom Clothiers is modernizing its brand to reach a wider, more inclusive market.  It is the company’s hope that the new name and store improvements will usher in a fashion forward era improving the customer experience and moving the brand forward for the next forty years.

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About HKT Custom Clothiers:

HKT Custom Clothiers has proudly been serving Atlanta since 1970 as the premiere destination for the finest in tailor-made modern menswear.  HKT’s in-house tailors are highly experienced, versatile, and exceptionally talented.  Offering a wide range of suiting and shirting fabrics, as well as a full range of ties, cufflinks, belts, socks, and pocket squares, HKT mission is to help men achieve their perfect style.