Summer Linens

By June 10, 2021Uncategorized

Linen is the symbol of a new contemporary lifestyle. It’s environmentally friendly, attentive to sustainable development and has extraordinary properties: maximum durability, high moisture absorption capacity, insulating and temperature regulating properties and hypoallergenic characteristics.

In this collection, we offer you a rich and complete selection of 100% linen fabrics:

A wide choice of plains from all tones of blues to colonials, from pastels to bold colours. A sophisticated selection of stripes and checks can’t miss.

A natural stretch linen, made without the use of synthetic components. The result is a comfortable, breathable and durable fabric that maintains its shape and elasticity over time.

A heavier quality in terms of weight, designed for specific types of clothing such as over-shirts, jackets, dresses, shorts or trousers. Durable, cool and comfortable, it’s made of superior quality European linen, enhanced by a natural and sophisticated color palette.