Lockdown Clothes Alterations

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Okay, hands up who’s put on a little weight during lockdown? If that’s you, you’re not alone, because research shows an estimated 37% of Americans have gained at least one pound during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

That’s because most of us have been confined to our homes and been less active. Many of us have ordered more fast food deliveries and drunk more alcohol than normal. And there’s a good chance a lot of us have simply eaten more food out of boredom and because we’ve been stressed by the crisis.

As a result of all of this, you may now find that much-loved garments have become a little too snug to wear comfortably. Shirt collars may feel tight around the neck. Pants may be too small around the waist and thighs. Or suit jackets may be impossible to button up without sucking your stomach in.

Whatever the issue, HKT is here to help you. We offer a premium alterations service for a wide range of clothing, and all it involves is you getting in touch to book an appointment at our store, which is now open for limited hours and strictly adheres to all government guidance.

One of our tailors in full personal protection equipment will then discuss with you all the potential solutions for your garment, before precisely marking it up with the required alteration. Once this is done, we’ll endeavour to meet any deadline you have for the return of your clothing.

You can then come back to our store to try on your perfectly fitting pants, jacket or shirt. Or if you’d prefer, we can always send it to you by recorded delivery. Whatever you choose, you’ll soon be able to wear revitalized clothing that flawlessly fits your body, looks great and makes you feel fantastic.


Quarantine-15 alterations

Quarantine-15 is what a lot of commentators have dubbed the weight gained by many people during lockdown. It’s based on the old college ‘Freshman 15’ trope, which relates to new students gaining 15 pounds because they have new eating habits, are exercising less, and drinking more.

If you’ve been affected by Quarantine 15, then you may be in need of the following alteration services:

Let out the waist on pants
When it comes to letting out (making bigger) the waist of a pair pants, it all depends whether there’s extra material to work with at the back centre seam. Typically, most quality dress pants do feature this excess material so they can potentially be let out at a future date. The best thing to do is to come into the HKT store with your pants to discuss exactly what you’re looking for.

Let out chest/stomach on a jacket
This is definitely one of the best alteration investments you can make. That’s because letting out a jacket, even less than an inch, can suddenly transform a jacket that looks a bit awkward into something that’s really flattering. As always, though, making this change does depend on how much fabric is available to increase the size of your garment.

Widen sleeves on a jacket
Okay, so it’s unlikely that you’ve suddenly put some weight on your arms during the pandemic. But if you are going to have your jacket let out, you may decide that you want its sleeves widened too. Our tailors can definitely do this so you get the ideal fit; but it will be reliant on the jacket having enough excess fabric to work with.

Let out the sides of a shirt
Let’s be upfront from the start, this alteration just isn’t possible. That’s because unlike jackets or pants, shirts do not have extra material built into them. This means they cannot be let out in the same way.

However, don’t despair. You could always get measured up by one of our master tailors for some new custom made shirts if you’re struggling to fit into your old ones. Or you could purchase some of our exquisite ready-to-wear shirts, which are made from the finest cotton.

In addition, we do offer a range of other alterations for shirts, which you can find out more about below.


Other alterations

As well as offering alterations to tackle weight gain, HKT can help you if you’ve lost weight or require a garment to be reshaped. For example, many of our customers come to us with an off-the-peg suit or blazer and ask us to transform it so it’s the ideal fit for them.


Take in the waist
Once a waistband is reduced, we also typically adjust the seat of your pants and crotch, due to excess fabric.

Taper legs of pants
We can precisely taper your pants so they give you a more flattering silhouette that adds a touch of sophistication to your look.

Hem pants
Usually done to make the pants shorter or finish them off if they’re a new pair of off-the-peg trousers that haven’t been hemmed.

Remove pleats
Our tailors can carefully work their magic to convert pleated pants into a pair of trousers that look like they’ve always been flat fronted.


Completely recut pants
A big alteration but money well spent. It usually involves us unpicking all of your trousers and recutting the separate parts they’re made from so the new pants deliver the fit and style you want.



Reshape shoulders
We can extend or reduce the shoulders of your jacket, and correct the collar, if necessary, so your jacket begins to look more tailored and provides excellent comfort when you wear it.

Shorten jacket length
At HKT, we can shorten a jacket that looks too long on your body, but we recommend that you don’t go beyond an inch.

Shorten or lengthen sleeves
Ninety-nine times out of 100, this involves our tailors shortening sleeves to produce the suave look that’s wanted. However, if there’s enough fabric under the cuff at the top of your jacket sleeve, there is the possibility that your jacket could be lengthened a little to get the ideal fit.

Slim down sleeves
We can assess your jacket and let you know how much we can slim down or taper the sleeves to give them a more stylish look.



Shorten shirt
It is possible for our tailors to shorten the length of the torso of a favorite shirt. This may be because you have excess material that feels uncomfortable when you tuck it into your parts; or it could be because you wish to start wearing a shirt outside of your pants or jeans.

Add darts (shirt seams)
Perfect for creating a more fitted shirt or blouse without taking in the sides. This simply involves us adding some darts to the front or back of your shirt.

Shorten sleeves
Your sleeves should, when buttoned, hit at the break of your wrist and no further. If they don’t, we can shorten them and ensure the optimal amount of sleeve is shown when you wear a suit jacket on top.


Get in touch about any of your clothes that need altering

If you have any questions about our premium alterations service, please get in touch with Neil and the team on 770-458-8682 or service@hktclothiers.com

Or if you’d like to speak to us in person, you can arrange an appointment using the same contact details. Currently, we are open for limited hours. To keep everyone safe, we recommend to schedule an appointment.