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Neil Balani’s story

Helping people look their best and feel confident is part of my heritage. My father owned a textile and men’s clothing business on my home island of Malta, and my uncle, Cliff Vaswani, founded HKT Custom Clothiers in Atlanta in 1970. They both instilled in me that hard work, exemplary customer service and creating an exquisite product will not only enhance the lives of the people you serve but also reward you with great personal satisfaction.

Today at HKT, these three principles are at the heart of everything we do. We have a team of master tailors and expert style consultants who are dedicated to creating the perfect look and fit for every individual who walks into our store and needs our help. We constantly push ourselves to provide the best possible bespoke tailoring and style consultation service for our wide range of customers.

I think this is why so many people come back to us again and again, and recommend HKT to their family members and friends. We always take the time to sit down with our clients to chat through their needs, and what style and fabrics would work best for them. Our aim is to get to know each individual, so we can create personalized garments that reflect who they are and make them feel fantastic every time they wear them.


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Our process

We combine traditional methods with a fresh approach to create bespoke clothing that will make you feel like a million dollars.

1. Style consultation

We’ll have a relaxed chat to get to know you and discuss the garment you want, and when and where you’ll wear it. We’ll then make recommendations about the style and look we think will meet your needs and express your individuality.

Together, we’ll select fabrics from HKT’s collection, which boasts thousands of exquisite cloths from all over the world. And we’ll talk through style details for your garment such as the lapels, linings, pockets, pleats on pants and everything else that will make it absolutely perfect for you.

2. Customer’s measurements

Each of our clients has their own pattern which serves as a blueprint for their garments. To create yours, we will carefully take a series of measurements from your body. As part of this process, we’ll take into account the characteristics of your physique, such as your posture, the roll of your shoulders and any variations in the length of your arms or legs. Our constant eye for detail makes sure everything we design and create for you looks spot on, feels comfortable and perfectly fits.

3. Creation of the garment

Using your unique pattern, we precisely cut out the individual panels of your garment from the luxurious fabric you’ve selected. We then begin to assemble any additional materials such as pockets and linings. After this trim has been added, and only when we’re 100% satisfied with what we see, do we begin to sew everything together.

4. First fitting and marking up

Because of our meticulous attention to detail, many of our clients are completely satisfied with the fit of their garment following a first fitting. However, if we feel adjustments need to be made to create an even better fit or look for you, we’ll mark up these alterations and carry them out with incredible precision, ready for your second fitting.

At this stage, we also carefully hand sew detailing such as buttons and button holes, surgeon cuffs on sleeves and any personalization you’ve requested to create a made-to-measure garment that looks great on the outside and reflects who you are on the inside.

In addition, if any adjustments are necessary regarding the fit of your suit, we’ll update your master pattern with this extra information. This improves the accuracy and fit of any garments we create for you in the future.

5. Final fitting

During the final fitting, we precisely check the alterations we made to your garment following the first fitting. We also take the time to closely inspect all areas of your new piece of clothing again, making sure every aspect of it meets our exacting standards. For example, we’ll re-examine the break over the shoe, how the suit drapes, the length of the sleeves, and many other key areas.

At the end of this stage, you will be presented with a one-of-a-kind garment that’s been meticulously created by our expert team with incredible skill and great passion.

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