Ready to Wear

Curated items for our discerning customers

Off-the-rack luxury

As well as creating exquisite made-to-measure garments, we stock a carefully selected range of ready-to-wear garments at our store in Atlanta.

These luxury items include refined tailored suits, elegant tuxedos, stylish sports jackets, shirts made from the finest cotton, pleated and flat fronted pants, high-quality jeans crafted from superior denim, and a selection of T-shirts from some of the world’s most luxurious brands.

We also offer a number of accessories that are perfect for finishing off a new custom made suit, or any another item of clothing we’ve made specifically for you. These include sumptuous Italian silk ties from DolcePunta and Italo Ferretti, bow ties created by our own master tailors, premium pocket squares in a wide range of colours and patterns, contemporary and traditional cufflinks, a great selection of designer sunglasses, luxury Italian socks by Marcoliani, and flawlessly crafted custom leather belts.

So please remember to have a look at our ready-to-wear range when you come and visit us. Our style consultants can talk you through what will work perfectly with any look you want for your daily business life or a special occasion. Or they can advise you on what would make a great gift for a loved one’s birthday, Christmas, Father’s Day or a new husband or wife.

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