Suits for Lesbians and Gay Couples

Bespoke perfection for the LGBT community

Tailor made to suit your personality and style


Throughout our history, we’ve created many exquisite bespoke suits for the LGBT community in Atlanta. We’re proud to offer an unrivaled, personal service that considers the needs of every individual customer and which results in them looking their absolute best in the office, at the weekend and on the biggest day of their life – their wedding day.

We believe our tailored suits, jackets, and pants for women are worth every dollar of their price tag because it’s so hard for women to find great fabrics and perfect fits on the high street. But come to HKT and you’ll be able to choose from hundreds of world-class cloths and pick any style you want, whether that’s an androgynous, masculine fit or a suit that creates a more sculpted, feminine look.


Increasingly popular are our wedding suits for lesbian weddings, which will make you feel like a million dollars and can be tailored to complement your bride’s dress. We also have lots of experience creating two customized wedding suits for lesbian and gay couples who are entering into a same-sex marriage. These can match or contrast in many different ways and be personalized how you want, including having your new wife or husband’s name embroidered on to the inside pocket of your suit.

Overall, our aim is to enhance and express your individuality through our bespoke garments. So if you’re a member of the LGBT community who is looking for sophisticated, unique tailoring, please come and visit us at our warm and friendly store, or contact us to book a free, no-obligation consultation. We’d love to create something for you or your partner that you treasure forever and which makes you feel extra special every time you wear it.

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