Alterations and fittings

Revitalizing the clothes you love

Alterations for men and women

The better a piece of clothing fits, the better it looks, the more confident you feel when you wear it.

So if some stitching has come undone on a much-loved garment, you’ve lost or gained a few pounds, or you want to revamp a new purchase, our alterations and fitting service is here to help you. 

At our store, one of our style consultants or master tailors will be more than happy to discuss a garment with you, whether it’s a full suit, a pair of favourite pants or a designer jacket. During this chat, we’ll cover what you’re looking to change, a range of potential solutions and the estimated costs for our work. 

Once you’re happy with one of our suggestions, we’ll precisely mark the garment up with pins and our highly trained and experienced team will begin to breathe new life into your garment. They’ll then endeavour to meet any deadline you have for the return of your clothing, although it will depend on the complexity of the work and availability of our tailors.

After we’ve completed the alteration, we’ll then invite you back to our store to make sure everything fits absolutely perfectly. Or if you can’t collect your item in person because you’ll be overseas, we can arrange to have it shipped to you.

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