Loro Piana Proposte Jacket



This Bepsoke Sports Jacket from Loro Piana Cloth contains  a 98% superfine wool with 2% silk blend. At 320grms weight, perfect for Fall and Winter!

Or model is wearing a classic two button notch 3 1/4” lapel with hand pick stitching and 2 classic flap pockets with side vents. Surgeon cuffs on sleeves and HKT brown horn buttons. A light pad and full canvas and lining construction to create the perfect drape!


How long will it take for me to receive my order?

It will take anywhere from4-6 weeks to receive your order, depending on what you’ve purchased.


How will my order be shipped?
Depending on what you’ve purchased and the location to which we’re shipping your order, we will ship mostly using UPS.

Burgundy Silver Plaid +


Green Silver Plaid +



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Material 1, Material 2, Material 3, Material 4, Material 5, Material 6, Material 7, Material 8, Material 9, Material 10

Collar Type

Classic, Spread, Button Down, Point, Cutaway

Cuff Type

One-Button Rounded, Two-Button Rounded, One-Button Angled, Two-Button Angled, One-Button Square, Two-Button Square, French Square, French Rounded, Convertible Squared, Convertible Rounded

Chest Pocket

None, Yes

White Collar

None, Yes

White Cuffs

None, Yes


Standard Front, Hidden Front, French Front

Shirt Back

None, Center Pleat, Side Pleats