At HKT in Atlanta, we’ve been taking a strong interest in the build-up to the August 26, Las Vegas fight between the UFC’s Conor McGregor and five-division world champion Floyd Mayweather. But our attention hasn’t been focused on all the bad mouthing and histrionics taking place at the press conferences. No, what we’ve been scrutinizing is the clothing the two fighters wore for the four pre-fight promo events that took place in Los Angeles, Toronto, New York and London. In fact, we got so caught up with what they were wearing that we decided to score McGregor’s and Mayweather’s outfits out of 10, just like in a boxing match.


Los Angeles – July 11, 2017

Conor McGregor
The mixed martial arts champion wore a bespoke three-piece pinstriped suit in navy, which was matched with a white shirt and hot pink tie. What was of particular interest to us – and many people worldwide – was the pinstripe on his suit, because on closer inspection it actually read FUCK YOU all over it (obviously a subliminal message for Mayweather).

The fact that you could have a pinstripe which featured a message may have come as a surprise to many, but not to us at HKT, as we actually created similar suits for heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield, back when he was boxing. His Cloth Was custom made for him in Scotland that said THREE TIME CHAMP and THE CHAMP ONE MORE TIME. We’ve even created a bespoke suit for a local lawyer that said NOT GUILTY. So if you would like to follow in Conor’s and Evander’s footsteps, please get in touch. You could have the name of your bride as the pinstripe for your tailored wedding suit, or have a made to order sports jacket that subtly delivers a message to your clients.

Any how, we loved the cut of Conor’s suit and that pinstripe, so we scored him 10/10.



Floyd Mayweather
Floyd went very patriotic for the first press conference, wearing a stars-and-stripes hoodie with TMT (The Money Team) emblazoned across it, which is a lifestyle brand inspired by Mayweather. To finish off the look, the undefeated boxer wore a black baseball cap which curiously featured 48 on it (his boxing record is 49-0), black jeans and blue-and-black sneakers. 

To be honest, it was a little disappointing from a man who loves the finer things in life, including beautiful bespoke suits, handmade shirts and designer shoes.

Score: McGregor 10Mayweather 8


Toronto – July 12, 2017

Conor McGregor
From a tailoring point of view, the loudmouth Irishman looked even more impressive in Canada than he did in Los Angeles. He wore a stunning blue windowpane suit with a white shirt, matching blue tie and brown buckled shoes. It really was a sharp look that would turn heads anywhere, and something we can easily recreate at HKT. So if you like the idea of a custom made suit using a windowpane fabric, get in touch or come visit our store. And don’t forget that we can also make bespoke shirts for any occasion.

Floyd Mayweather
McGregor actually called out Mayweather in Toronto for “looking like a little break dancer or something”. Well, for us that was a little extreme, but the combination of a TMT T-shirt with black trousers and a TMT baseball cap didn’t win him tonnes of sartorial points with HKT, although we did like the fact that a maple leaf featured on his T-shirt and cap. A smart way of getting the locals on side?  

Score: McGregor 10Mayweather 8

New York – July 13, 2017

Conor McGregor
ConorConorConor. What were you thinking? After a faultless performance in Los Angeles and Toronto, the UFC fighter wore aoutlandish ‘polar bear’ fur coat (actually Gucci mink coat) over his shirtless torso and a pair of funky pink-and-blue floral Gucci trousers for the event in Brooklyn. Now, we’re all for individualism at HKT, but this was a step too far for us, as the look didn’t quite flow as one. Although that’s not to say that we wouldn’t be happy to create some striking custom made trousers for any of our clients. We’ve got lots of amazing cloths to choose from.

Floyd Mayweather
Well, it was pretty much back to Los Angeles on the clothing front for Floyd. He wore another stars-and-stripes hoodie with – guess what – TMT on the front of it. This time, though, the hoodie was black-and-white, and it was matched with a black baseball cap with white stars and black jeans. Come on, Money, we know you can do so much better than this. For the lead up to his fight with Manny Pacquiao in 2015, he wore a really elegant light grey tailored suit with pleated trousers and white striped shirt. This is what we want to see more of.  

Score: McGregor 7​ Mayweather 8

London – July 14, 2017

Conor McGregor
For the last event of the whistle stop tour, McGregor left his fashion disaster of New York behind and pulled out the big guns with a beautifully tailored blue three-piece suit. Even when the Irishman was parading around the ring and flinging his arms here and there, the suit still looked amazing, because it fitted so well. This is what a handmade suit delivers every time you wear it, and for many years to come

The blue suit was paired with a bespoke white shirt and blue tie that featured white and burgundy spots. We particularly loved the tie, as it finished off Conor’s elegant look perfectly. Something we can achieve for you at HKT, as we stock some fine Italian silk ties from DolcePunta and Italo Ferretti.

Floyd Mayweather
At last, Floyd ups his game in the fashion stakes in London. Instead of the casual look of the previous three conferences, he goes for something much more stylish: a well-fitted tiger print sweater from the French fashion house Balmain, smart black pants and shiny lace-up boots. All together the outfit works really well, although the large amount of bling around his neck and wrists aren’t what we’d wear for a special event, but then again these press conferences aren’t your typical big night out in Atlanta.

Score: McGregor 10Mayweather 9

Overall score: McGregor 37 ​​Mayweather 33

So, there you have it, in HKT’s sartorial face-off Conor McGregor easily outpointed Floyd Mayweather over the course of the four press conferences. That’s because, like us, the reigning UFC lightweight champion has a big passion for luxurious tailor made suits. However, when it comes to the actual boxing match in Las Vegas on August 26, we think it will be Floyd who reigns supreme, with our money on a points decision after 12 rounds.

Fancy wearing a tailored suit similar to one of Conor McGregor’s? Contact HKT on +1 770-458-8682or team@hktclothiers.com to book an appointment with us at our store. We can then chat about what style of custom made suit would work best for you and the hundreds of world-class fabrics you can choose from.  

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