A linen suit is a must-have for so many reasons 

A tailored linen suit may be something you’ve toyed with in the past but never committed to. There’s that big fear that the fabric will crease and stretch as soon as you put the suit on. And although it’s inevitable that you will get some wrinkles with a 100% linen suit, this can be minimized through the cut and fit of a custom suit made specifically for you; plus, on the positive side, there are loads of great linen-blend fabrics (with wool or cotton) available that can also help to make creases virtually non-existent.

Personally, we think a handmade linen suit is something every well-dressed man (or woman) should have in their wardrobe, and especially if you live in a place like Atlanta, with its hot and humid summers. They’re cool, comfortable and gentlemanly. So why stick to the same rigid suit rotation and continue to disregard a linen suit? There are so many positives to owning this essential piece of clothing.


Brilliant breathability
Linen is made from the stalk of the flax plant, which is naturally thicker than the cotton bols from the cotton plant. This gives linen a low thread count and makes it a very breathable fabric. The nature of the material also means that it’s light, comfortable and has a high moisture absorbency. All of these qualities make a bespoke linen suit perfect for outdoor functions like weddings and parties, and especially during the summer months. But what many people don’t realise is that a linen suit is incredibly versatile, and something you can wear again and again for many different social events, at the weekend or even at work.

Incredible versatility
The reality is you can achieve many different vibes with a made to order linen suit, depending on what you pair it with and whether you wear the full suit, or just the jacket or pants. Here are our top five looks, but you can experiment with different shirts, ties, T-shirts, shoes and accessories to create many more. Or why not book a style consultation with HKT and we can show you what you can achieve?

For the office
Darker colors such as navy, brown or charcoal are suitable for most offices, as they communicate a more formal feel than lighter shades. Match with a crisp white shirt – or one with pale stripes in it – and a complementary tie. Because a linen suit does have a more relaxed feel about it, think about being a bit more daring with your tie, such as one with striking pattern or check. Depending on how smart you want to look, you could finish off the look with a pocket square to add some charm.

For a corporate setting, you may also want to think about choosing a linen-blend; when linen is mixed with wool (in lower percentages) or cotton it has more structure (ie less prone to creasing) but still attains its fantastic breathability and comfort.

For a summer wedding
A linen suit is perfect for a summer wedding. While other guests melt in their heavier suits, you’ll look cool all day and be able to wear your jacket as long as you want, especially if you wear an equally breathable shirt. When it comes to color, think about wearing pastel colors but avoid white on white – instead opt for shades of stone or cream.

Most importantly of all, carefully consider the cut of your suit, which either means coming to HKT to be measured for a bespoke suit or getting our expert tailors to make appropriate alterations to a suit you’ve purchased elsewhere. As for the rest of your look, consider wearing a white, short-sleeved linen shirt to keep the relaxed vibe going, a pastel-colored or floral print tie, and a pair of smart sunglasses. Or if you want to dress things up a little, think about adding a tiepin or pocket square. The great thing about linen suits is that you can make them look smarter or more relaxed very easily.

Chilling at the weekend
The handmade linen suit HKT made for you for a summer wedding or other special occasion doesn’t have to be retired to the back of your wardrobe once that event is over. You can easily dress it down for everyday wear during the week or going out at the weekend. Simply drop the shirt and tie and pair your linen suit with a white or striped T-shirt, polo shirt or printed short-sleeved shirt. Finish off with smart loafers or even a pair of sneakers, depending on how casual you want to look.

Just the jacket
A lightweight tailored blazer is a definite must-have for any fashion-conscious gent, so lose the pants from your linen suit and – voila! – you have a sports jacket that looks great and will literally keep you cool too. Simply match up your linen jacket with a casual pair of pants or even some smart denim jeans. A white linen jacket with dark jeans strikes a particularly good balance between smart and casual. Or a grey linen jacket with a neutral-colored chino is a great option too.

Just the pants
Many people have a preconception that linen trousers can only look sloppy and scruffy. But that’s just not the case. If you opt for a suit in a contemporary lean fit, you’ll get sharp lines in your trousers and a tailored appearance that will look incredibly stylish. Of course, if you do go for pure linen trousers, some creasing is inevitable, but, as mentioned earlier, linen-blend fabrics can prevent this; also, dark colors such as navy will hide creases too and keep everything looking smart.

As to what you wear with your made to order linen trousers, the choice is up to you. A casual long-sleeved shirt, a patterned short-sleeved shirt, a T-shirt or polo are all good options.

Great color choice
Already, we’ve mentioned color quite a bit in terms of linen suits. That’s because you have so many options to choose from to create the style you want:

Black, blue and grey suits in other materials typically deliver a pretty formal look, but opting for a linen suit in these colors can present a much more fun and casual style. For example, a navy linen suit with a white shirt and grey tie looks classy but not old-fashioned.

A tan linen suit or sand linen suit are excellent choices for more relaxed occasions. The combination of a light color with a light fabric gives off a great smart-casual vibe. And, of course, you can easily dress this look up or down with what you pair with it.

Pastel colors such as light pinks, blues and greens are the perfect choice for the summer time and are surprisingly easy to wear. Linen suits in these colors make men look elegant and confident, without looking flashy. The key to wearing pastels is ‘keep it simple’. The suit is the star of the show, so go for simple textured or subtly patterned ties (eg floral) and a classic white shirt (or other pale color).

Another option (if you have two linen suits or a suit and a few linen sport jackets) is to mix up your colors. Pair a darker jacket with a lighter trouser for a timeless look that exudes sophistication.


Super easy to care for
With a linen suit, there’s no need for  regular dry cleaning, just invest in a strong in house steamer and steam out all the wrinkles and also refresh the cloth. The steam with reset the fibers and you can hag back your pressed linen suit ready for next use.

Not just for summer
A linen suit should not just be a holiday or summer romance. Because there are many fantastic linen-wool fabrics available, we can create a bespoke suit for you that will be warm enough to wear in the early fall months as well as the summer. Just make sure you choose a color that’s suitable for both seasons. A light pink might be too much for a late September day in downtown Atlanta.


So, there you have it, HKT’s lowdown on the many virtues of owning a custom made linen suit. It really is an excellent choice for outdoor events in the warmer months, or when you simply want to add a refined touch to your weekend attire. Even if you’re not a daily suit wearer, utilising a linen suit as a separate jacket and pair of trousers can quickly transform many elements of your current wardrobe – both smart and casual – and offer exceptional comfort and breathability.


Would you like a bespoke linen suit created for you with great passion and skill? Contact HKT on 770-458-8682 or team@hktclothiers.com to book an appointment with us at our store. We can then chat about what style of custom made suit would work best for you and the many different linen fabrics you can choose from.   


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