Creating the perfect length shirt for you

As we’ve mentioned quite a few times in our blogs, we love nothing more than garments which are versatile. When it comes to shirts, this means a great-fitting shirt that can be worn tucked in for the office and formal occasions, as well as untucked for more casual settings.

The only problem is – and it’s a big problem – off-the-rack dress shirts which are designed to be worn tucked in are usually way too long to be worn untucked, and casual shirts which are designed to be worn untucked are typically too short to be worn tucked in. The reason for this is that these shirts are not designed specifically for you. Manufacturers of high street shirts adhere to predefined length measurements based on industry standards and individual size charts to cover many different body types.

A simple test for you
To see this problem in the real world, head to your closet and pull out your best-fitting ready-to-wear shirt that you normally tuck in. Now, match this with a pair of jeans or casual pants and leave it untucked. Do you see where the hemline sits? Probably way below the bottom of your butt – a look that’s definitely not going to win you any style awards.

Also, take out one of your favorite shirts which you wear untucked and tuck it into some pants you wear for the office, or even just your jeans. Follow this with a stretch upwards and some basic moving around. It’s more than likely that your shirt has started to work loose and become untucked. Perfect if you want everyone in the office to catch a glimpse of your midriff, but that probably isn’t high on your priority list at work.

Another issue that men often have to contend with is that high street shirts designed to be tucked in are commonly made from fairly plain, lightweight cotton materials, and untucked shirts you buy in stores are frequently made from heavier materials such as flannel, and usually feature bold patterns, eg plaid.

But what if you wanted to rock a smart-casual look by wearing a premium cotton shirt untucked? And how do you get your hands on a shirt in a hevier fabric for the winter, or even some linen for spring summers, or just even the basic year-round weight for the spring that you can also safely tuck into your pants for a smart fall/winter look?

The answer is to have a shirt custom made by HKT’s expert tailors.

When you visit us to have a bespoke shirt made for you, we will not only take a series of precise measurements from your body, we’ll consider your physique and posture, talk about the way you like to wear your trousers (high or low on the waist), and even chat about where you’re likely to wear your new shirt. Using all this information, we’ll then create a custom shirt with a length that is absolutely ideal for you. This means that your new shirt will work supremely well when it’s tucked in and when it’s left untucked.

In addition, when you try on your handmade shirt you’ll see that it creates the most flattering silhouette for your body shape and delivers a perfect fit in every area, from your neck to your wrists. You’ll also have the opportunity to choose from an extensive range of world-leading fabrics which are available in more colours, patterns and textures than you can imagine.

As a result, this means you can choose to have the holy grail of shirts created for you: a shirt for the office in a luxury cotton that you can also wear untucked for a smart-casual look, or a more casual shirt in a heavier material that can be tucked in for an evening out at a swanky restaurant.

Enjoy the best of both worlds
So, come on, isn’t it time you began to enjoy the best of both worlds and had a fantastic bespoke shirt made for you that looks equally impressive tucked in and untucked? If you think it is, please get in touch with us to arrange a free style consultation at our store. Just give us a call on 770-458-8682 or email our team at team@hktclothiers.com.