Over the years, we’ve created many exquisite bespoke suits for gay men and women who have tied the knot at their same-sex wedding. We’re proud to offer an unrivaled, personal service that considers the needs of every individual customer and which results in them looking their absolute best on their big day. So if you’re a woman looking for a suit for your wedding, or a gay male couple who want coordinated tailored suits, please read on to find out how we can help you.

Lesbian wedding suits

Finding a great wedding suit can be difficult for a woman. What’s available on the high street is often of a bad quality, doesn’t fit well, and just isn’t you. AT HKT, we’ll work closely with you to create a tailored suit that matches your vision and personality.

Our process
First of all, we’ll sit down with you and your fiancée for a relaxed chat to discuss the style and fit you’d like. We’ll also make some recommendations about what we think will work best for you and help to project your individuality.

Once we’ve identified the perfect style for your bespoke wedding suit, we’ll then begin to look at fabric options. Our collection boasts thousands of luxurious cloths from all over the world, so we’re sure you’ll find one that you absolutely love.

After you’ve chosen your must-have fabric, we’ll talk through style details such as lapels, linings, pockets, pleats on pants and everything else that will make your wedding suit perfect. For example, you might want your new wife’s name or date of the wedding to feature on your suit’s lining.

Finally, before our expert tailors begin to hand make your custom wedding suit, we’ll take a series of precise measurements from around your body. Plus, we’ll also make a detailed note of the characteristics of your physique, such as your posture, the roll of your shoulders and any variations in the length of your arms or legs.


Popular styles for a lesbian wedding suit


A great option is to go for a classic three-piece suit featuring a flawless fitted jacket, custom made pants that feel fantastic to wear and fall at the exact length you want, and a tailored vest (waistcoat) that brings everything together. What color and style you go for is completely up to you, but we can provide lots of guidance to make sure it complements your bride and works extremely well with the overall theme for your wedding.

We can also create a wonderful bespoke wedding shirt which will feel much more comfortable and look far more stylish than any other shirt you own. And we can provide you with the ideal silk tie, pocket square and elegant cufflinks to finish off your wedding look so you look a million dollars.

Check out some examples of traditional wedding suits for women.


The tuxedo can be a great look for any wedding. But for women, it can be very hard to get hold of an off-the-rack tuxedo that fits them well. That’s because tuxedos are usually tailored with a man’s angular body in mind, which means a woman’s hips, waist and cleavage may stretch the material; or if a woman’s natural curves are accommodated, other parts of the jacket can often look too roomy and unflattering.

At HKT, we create elegant tuxedos for women which follow the classic lines of a traditional tux but are tailor made for their natural shape. Typically, this involves designing a jacket that has a more fitted waist and is shorter in length than a man’s tux. We can also make your tuxedo and pants as feminine or masculine as you want, depending on your personal taste.

In addition, we’ll also work with you to pick the ideal fabric and color, and provide guidance on which type of shirt, tie and other accessories will work best for your wedding day look.

Check out some examples of wedding tuxedos for women.


Summer casual

If you’re getting married in the summer or somewhere hot, a fantastic choice for your suit could be one made from a light material such as linen. What’s particularly great about a bespoke linen suit is that it can be styled to look particularly feminine, and especially if it’s created in a soft pastel color.

However, if you’re looking for a more masculine look, you can still dress up a linen suit with a crisp white shirt, bow tie and suspenders to give yourself a style that wouldn’t look out of a place in 1930s Hollywood. This type of smart-casual look is perfect for many wedding settings and themes, and can make dressing up a bit easier for a woman who doesn’t wear a suit very often.

Check out some examples of summer wedding suits for women.


Wedding suits for gay men

If you’re a gay couple who both love the idea of wearing a bespoke wedding suit on your special day, then HKT is the perfect match for you. We can work with the two of you to create two suits that project your individual personalities, feel amazing to wear and complement each other splendidly.

But how do you picture yourself and your fiancé when you’re saying your wedding vows? In sharp, classic tuxedos or in a more traditional three-piece number? If you’re struggling to decide what to wear, here are three brilliant trends for 2018 which we’d love to create for you and your soon-to-be husband.

Or even better, why not give us a call on 770-458-8682 or email team@hktclothiers.com to arrange a free style consultation at our store? We’d love to discuss your ideas for your wedding and talk through with you.


2018 trends for stylish grooms

Light jacket, dark pants

Contrast is the way to go in 2018 when it comes to wedding suits. Pairing a light colored jacket with darker tailored pants delivers something fresher than your traditional one-color suit and offers you a great opportunity to wear different tones that suit your personality and the overall look of your wedding.

Having two colors to play with is also an added bonus for two grooms, because you could wear the same pants but choose jackets in different shades of the same color. Or how about mixing it up with one of you wearing a light jacket and darks pants, and the other wearing a dark jacket with lighter pants? To be honest, there are many different ways you can make this look work, which is why it’s such a great trend.

Check out some examples of light / dark wedding suits for men.


We really do love our checks at HKT – just check out (sorry for the pun) some of our head honcho Neil Balani’s suits, if you don’t believe us. But can checks work as part of a wedding outfit? Well, the simple answer to that is a big fat yes!

A custom made three-piece suit created out of an exquisite checked fabric can look incredibly dapper yet fun at the same time. But you don’t have to go the full nine yards if you think you won’t be able to carry off plaid from head to toe. Instead, you could go for a custom made checked jacket with plain tailored pants, a jacket and pants in one solid color and a check vest, or simply add some checks to your outfit through your shirt or tie.

Like our light jacket and dark pants suggestion, what’s great about this trend for two grooms is that you can play around with it so you both look different but really complement each other. Also, what’s great about a checked jacket or pants is that you can easily wear them for work or social events after your wedding.

Check out some examples of light / dark wedding suits for men.



As we mentioned in our section on wedding suits for women, custom made tuxedos are a great choice for a wedding. That’s because they look super sophisticated and make you feel extra special. But when it comes to choosing the perfect tuxedo and bespoke pants for you and your fiancé there are a few things you need to consider, such as the color, fabric, style of lapels and whether you choose single or double-breasted.

For a gay wedding, we think a great look is when both grooms go for the same style of jacket, pants, shirt and bow tie, but the actual colors of their suits are different. This could be a sharp contrast, say black and burgundy, or something more subtle like different shades of blue or green.

Check out some examples of wedding tuxedos for men.

So, that’s our blog on bespoke suits for same-sex weddings. We hope you find it helpful and feel inspired to get in touch with us if you’re tying the knot this year. Just give a call on 770-458-8682 or email team@hktclothiers.com to book your free style consultation in which we can discuss your personal style and vision for your big day.