Looking good on the golf course, as well as in the clubhouse, is extremely important to many of our clients. That’s why we’ve started to create bespoke golf pants and custom made golf polo shirts for men and women that fit perfectly, offer an ultimate level of comfort, and look fantastic.

To find out more, speak to us in-store, call 770-458-8682, or email team@hktclothiers.com. We’d be more than happy to chat through all the different style and fabric options available to you, and discuss any particular details you’d like to see featured on your tailor made golf pants or polo shirt.


Tailored golf pants

As always, you can choose the type of fit, fabric and style you’d like for your tailored golf pants. This means you can create a unique pair of trousers that that meet your exact needs and express your individuality.

The fit

Just like when we make bespoke suit pants for you, we’ll initially take a series of measurements from around your body to create your golf pants. We’ll also discuss the type of fit you want, from slim to regular to loose. Following this chat, we’ll create a unique pattern (blueprint) that’s typically made up of a number of pieces of paper (or cardboard) to create the right shape and fit for your made to order golf pants.

Following your initial fit, we’ll then make any amends that are necessary to create an even better silhouette and look for you. The result is a pair of custom made golf pants that look exceptional and feel amazing at all times, from mid swing on the first tee, to sinking a 20-foot putt on the final green.

The fabric

To create your perfect tailored golf pants, we’ll have a cloth consultation with you. In it, we’ll discuss the type of performance you want from your golf trousers and the overall look you want to achieve. We’ll then look at the wide range of cloths available to you, including fabrics which stretch, repel water and dirt, keep you cool, and offer you UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

Because we have a range of cloths in different weights, you also have the option of creating your own collection of tailored golf trousers for all four seasons. This is something that’s very popular with many of our customers, as it means they can look their best on the course all year round.  

The style

Fashion and golf have been always been closely linked, from the time of the dapper Ben Hogan, to the glory days of Jack Nicklaus, to when Seve Ballesteros was strutting his stuff in a sharp-looking sweater and polo shirt combo.

Today, the way a golfer looks, whether they’re a professional or an amateur, is maybe even more important than ever. Thankfully, you’ve got lots of options to choose from so your style on the fairway hits the sartorial heights. This includes a huge range of colors for your golf pants, from classic blues, blacks and grays, to more striking reds, oranges and pinks. In addition, we also have a great selection of premium checked, pin-striped and plaid fabrics, which will bring a touch of elegance to anyone’s game.

The detail

You can choose pleated or flat fronted golf pants, how many belt loops you have, the shape and location of your pockets, the type of fly fastening, and much more. Our master tailors will then construct from your chosen fabric impeccably tailored golf trousers that flatter you from all angles.  

On top of this, our pants include a standard shirt guard, internal trim on the waistband of your pants to prevent your shirt from coming untucked during your swing. And for an extra touch of luxury, how about having your name or initials embroidered on your pants, or some extra trims added to your pockets that contrast with the main color of your bespoke golf trousers?


Made to measure golf polos

A new addition to our fold is the made to measure polo shirt. It’s a timeless classic you can personalize so you always look impeccable on the golf course and comfortably cool when you’re out on the town.   

The fit

As with the creation of all our shirts, the development of a bespoke polo golf shirt begins with us taking a series of precise measurements from around your upper body, including your chest, neck, arms and waist. As part of this process, we also take into account the characteristics of your physique, such as your posture and the roll of your shoulders.

During your initial meeting with one of our tailors or style consultants, we’ll also discuss whether you want a slim fitting polo shirt or one that has a more classic shape; and we’ll chat through the perfect length for your shirt’s hem and how long you want your sleeves to be. Our aim is to get everything exactly right for you.  

The fabric

Making you feel supremely comfortable in your custom polo shirt is our number one priority. That’s why we offer a wide range of high-quality fabrics for you to choose from. These include classic cotton pique, cotton jersey, and terry cloth, all of which are made from 100% premium cotton. In addition, you can choose to have your new shirt made from a 100% wool pique, which is great for the winter months, or select a more technical fabric which has unique moisture wicking capabilities.

Then, once you’ve chosen your fabric, we’ll create a perfectly fitting shirt using the measurements we took in your style consultation. As part of this process, we’ll make sure the construction of your polo is reinforced through our use of a very durable cotton and the way we stitch the panels of your shirt together. This delivers a garment that not only looks amazing but also withstands the rigors of hundreds of rounds of golf.

The style

As with your tailor made golf pants, the main style option for your golf polo shirt is color. You can choose from a huge selection of tones and shades, as well fabrics which feature repeat patterns and some truly daring designs.

On top of this, other style options you can specify to create your ideal look are: short or long sleeves, a two or three-button placket, contrasting colors for your collar, placket, or sleeve edges, as well as much, much more. Whatever you choose, we guarantee you’ll receive a refined golf polo shirt that looks amazing.

The detail

One of the most enjoyable parts of having a bespoke garment made for you is focusing on detailed elements which mean at the end of the production process you possess a piece of clothing that’s truly unique to you. With our bespoke golf polos, you can personalize your shirt by specifying the style and length of your collar, the positioning and shape of a chest pocket, whether you want buttons or a zip to open and close your shirt, and the type and color of the buttons/zip you want.   

In addition to these options, and many more, you can choose to have your name or initials, or a company name or logo, carefully embroidered on to your polo shirt. This is something which has proven very popular with a number of our corporate clients, as we’ve been able to create for them a series of branded, made to measure polo shirts for their annual golf day.  


So, there you have it, a close up look at two of our most popular new additions: custom made golf pants and the bespoke golf polo. By choosing HKT to create these for you, we promise the days of ill-fitting golf clothing will be long gone. Instead, you’ll be able to walk down the fairways with extra confidence because you know you’re a majors winner in terms of your sartorial style.